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Do you love to collect zinnias flowers seeds them in your garden? If yes then you will find my post interesting because I have come up with tips regarding collection of zinnia flowers seeds. Actually I love zinnia flowers and I have gathered a number of tips related to these beautiful flowers. Today I will share with you some tips to collect seeds from zinnia flowers:

  • First and foremost tip about collecting zinnia flower seeds is that you should not save seeds from hybrid varieties of zinnia flowers because these seeds are not right to be collected and stored.
  • Let the flowers flourish and fade naturally. This is a feature of zinnia flowers’ petals that they do not fall until seeds are ripe so let zinnia flowers remain with stem even when you see them becoming faded.
  • Stems of zinnia flowers need one to two weeks to dry after blooming. When petals of zinnia flowers become entirely dry, cut the stems and place flowers in a container. Now separate petals from flower heads by pulling them one at a time. You will see the seeds residing at the base of each petal. Mature and ready seeds will be either of green or brown color.
  • Next step is to holding a petal keeping it within the container. To get the seeds, all you need to do is to rub the petal base between your thumb and a finger.   Drop all seeds in container and repeat this process with each petal.
  • Keep the seeds in separate jars according to their different varieties. Don’t forget to label these jars with the description of year in which they were harvested. After placing seeds inside jar, seal it.
  • Remember to store zinnia flower seeds in cool and dry place. Do not store zinnia flower seeds at a place where there is threat of pests, mice and other insects because pests like to eat seeds.

This was a simple method to collect seeds from zinnia flowers. Follow this method and get ready to grow zinnias the following spring with your saved seeds.

Zinnias are annual flowers having long stalk. They are mostly grown to decorate flower vases and making floral arrangements. Gardeners love to plant these flowers because of their beautiful colors like red, white, pink, yellow, orange and even these are found in multi-colors. They can also be grown in combination with other flowers to add more beauty to your garden. I am fond of growing different flowers in my garden. This year I decided to grow zinnias and to make it possible I made some research on requirements which are important for their healthy growth. These requirements are as follows:

  • Soil condition is very important to consider while growing any kind of flower. So is the case with zinnias. They need well-drained soil having large amount of organic matter. Zinnias can also be grown if soil is poor and not well-drained but to improve their growth, you will be required to make some alteration in soil to get healthy and vigorous flowers.
  • When it comes to sowing seeds, you are also required to make some preparations. Sow seeds either in already prepared seed box or directly into flower pots. For best results and in order to have better spacing between the plants, it is recommended to sow seeds indoors in germinating tray or seed box and then planting them in the in plots later.
  • When the seedlings become ready for transplanting, plant them in plot after last frost of season. During plant’s growing period they are required to be watered to make the soil damp. This process of watering regularly should be continued until flowers begin to bloom.
  • Proper space between plants is also important for their healthy and fit growth but remember that planting distance varies with size of zinnia plant which you want to grow in your garden. Miniature varieties require a distance of 4 to 6 inches between them while gigantic varieties may require a distance of 1 to 2 feet.
  • When you feel that plants have been set in beds and are fully established, you will then require putting some mulching material around their base. It is necessary to do so in order to protect plants against weeds and to maintain moisture of soil. You will require providing general purpose fertilizer at least once a month to make zinnia producing more flowers. Mostly zinnias begin to produce flowers during mid-summer until start of frostiness.
  • These flowers are also required to be removed when they die away. This will encourage growth of some new blooms. If you have planted giant varieties of zinnia, then prune long branches that stimulate new branches to grow.
  • Pest and disease control is necessary for growth of plants but in case of zinnias, you will not require to bother as these plants are tough and defiant to attack of pests and diseases. In spite of this, if you still feel that your plants are attacked by some pests, provide them with insecticidal soap which you can make at home. Fungicides are also very effective in this regard.

Following above given instructions, you will be able to make your garden look colorful with different varieties of zinnias. Zinnias grown in your garden can also be used for making decorations on different events like weddings and birthdays.