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There is a general perception that flowers blossom in spring and summer season but there is large number of flowers that can decorate and brighten-up your garden in the cold months of January and February. Winter flowers have a large number of varieties which add more color and style to your garden. Here I am providing you a list of flowers that bloom in January and February hoping that you will plant them and make your garden looking as beautiful as in spring season.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is a shrub which produces sweet-smelling flowers having yellow or orange color. These flowers grow in the form of bunches. They start to bloom in January and continue to blossom till March and April. It is an attractive and useful shrub at the same time as its roots and bark are used in different medicines.


These are very elegant-looking flowers and are quite easy to grow. They have different colors such as white, purple, pink or yellow. These flowers grow well in specific conditions. They require fractional sunlight and acidic soil to grow well. These are the best flowers that you can grow in winter because they can even survive in snowy weather.

Winter Jasmine

It is a late winter flower having yellow flowers. They are mostly grown on slopes for covering the ground. As it is a creeping plant, so it looks very graceful climbing fences or grilles. If you want to grow this in your garden, you have to keep two factors in mind: they like well-drained soil and full or partial sun.


They grow and survive in the season even when the ground is covered with snow.  These are star-shaped flowers having violet-blue color and white color in the middle. They are very beautiful flowers and are recommended to grow in your garden.


It is also among the flowers that grow in winter. Most of its species produce flowers in January but some of the species produce flowers in spring or late autumn. They produce flowers of white color and they look like white carpet when grown in their native areas. When they are in their full bloom, they give an impression as the ground is covered with snow.

Winter Iris

The Winter Iris are the flowers that bloom throughout the winter season. They are aromatic flowers refreshing your mind with lemony-vanilla fragrance. They have different colors like deep blue, white and lilac. They like sunny spots to grow well. They do not bloom well in the winter if they don’t get sunlight during summer. Like most of other winter flowers, they also like well-drained soil.

These were some flowers and plants that you can grow in cold months of January and February and enhance the look of garden even in the winter season.