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The most common and well known flower among flower kingdom is the daisy flower. Daisy flowers have a number of kinds which are used for many purposes like they are used as medicine, food, herbs, ornamental plants, weeds and cut flowers. Are you interested in knowing more about daisy flowers? Today’s post is all about different kinds of daisy flowers. Following is a list of kinds of daisy flower.

White Button Daisy

This type of daisy flowers produce clusters of small flowers having white petals and yellow center. These flowers grow 12 inches tall and require a sunlit location to grow well. As far as soil requirements are concerned, these flowers need soil that must be damp and not wet that’s why they are recommended to grow in containers.

Gerber Daisy

Gerber Daisy grows in South Africa and produce flowers having gold center while petals of these flowers have different colors like cream, yellow, dark orange, pink, red and violet. Gerber Daisies like full sun and hot climate for their healthy growth but they can also grow in shade.

Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisies start growing from early summer and continue to grow till fall. These flowers are white in color having yellow center and deep green leaves. Having a height of 2-3 feet and a width of 2 feet, these flowers attract butterflies so people love to grow these in their home garden. Shasta Daisies don’t require much care for their growth but require proper sunlight, well-drained soil and a layer of mulch to grow well. They need to be watered in summer season in case there is less than 1 inch of rainfall in a week.

African Daisy

As its name shows, African Daisies are native to South Africa but they can also be grown in Southwestern parts of USA. These flowers also have a number of different colors including yellow, white and orange. African Daisy also likes full sun and a well-drained soil for its growth and is a good choice for rock gardens.

Zulu Prince Daisy

This kind of daisy is also native to Africa which produces silvery leaves and flowers with white petals. These flowers are easy to grow and are resistant to heat and drought. Growing requirements of Zulu Prince Daisy include full sun and damp but well-drained soil. These flowers are considered to be the best to grow in a wildflower garden.

These were some kinds of daisies. I have explained all these kinds with their growing requirements so that you can easily grow them in your garden.