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Growing tropical flowers in your garden gives you immense pleasure as they will add more colors to your garden. But at the same time they need proper care for their healthy growth so some tips are needed to be kept in mind. Are you facing difficulty in taking care of your beautiful tropical flowers? If yes then read the tips given below:

  • Tropical flowers should be planted in well-drained garden beds having fertile soil. Another option may be to grow tropical flowers in a pot which should have fertile and quality soil and drainage holes at the bottom of pot.
  • Tropical flowers are required to be grown in an area that receives correct amount of sunlight. If you are growing tropical flowers in pots then place them at such a location where they can receive enough light. There are some types of tropical flowers like caladiums that need full shade or four hours of sunlight. Sun-loving tropical flowers including canna and bougainvillea need six or more hours of sunlight.
  • Providing mulch to tropical flowers is necessary because it is helpful in keeping the roots cool while maintaining soil dampness therefore I would recommend you to spread a two inch layer of mulch over the top of soil.
  • Most of the tropical flowers need to be watered when top half to one inch soil begins to feel dry so provide enough water to dampen top six inches of soil. In case you have grown tropical flowers in pots, you are needed to water them at top of the pot until surplus water drains from bottom of pot.
  • Bedding and potted flowers both require to be fertilized at least once in a month. Fertilizer used for this purpose should be soluble and of general purpose. Fertilizing should continue throughout spring and summer. Before fertilizing your tropical flowers, read the package for the recommended rate.
  • One last tip is to bring potted flowers indoors before first fall freeze. Evergreen plants should be kept in warm and sunny location and require to be watered continuously through winter season. On the other hand, dormant tropicals should be placed in cool dark location during winter months but take care that environment should be cool but not freezing.

That was all about the care of tropical flowers. Follow these tips to have beautiful tropical flowers in your home.