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Perennial plants are versatile and are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes therefore amateur gardeners love to grow these plants in their garden. Like others, these plants also need special care and handling if you want them to bloom healthily and beautifully. If you are also looking for some tips for perennial plants care, then this post may prove very useful for you as I am going to give you some tips and instructions regarding perennial plants care:

  • Perennials should be grown in well-drained soil. If you have grown them at a location where it becomes a pool after rainfall then you are required to change their location.
  • Perennials are required to be watered regularly especially when it is their first growing season. Most of the perennials require to be watered once a week up to a depth of eight inches. The best time for watering perennial plants is morning time so that their leaves can become dry before evening.
  • Different perennial plants require different light requirements so I would like to suggest you to plant them at a location where they can receive at least 6 hours of sunlight. But there are some varieties of perennials like ferns which require sunlight early in the morning and shade in afternoon.
  • As far as fertilizing is concerned, perennials should be fertilized in early spring before their new growth appears. Every 100 square feet of planting area requires about one to two pounds of grainy fertilizer.
  • You also require pulling weeds around the plants on regular basis. In order to control growth of weeds, you are recommended to apply 1 or 2 inches of organic mulch like shipped bark around plants. Mulch actually preserves dampness and controls growth of weeds.
  • Spent blooms should be removed as it will extend blooming time.
  • Last but not the least; you should keep flower beds neat and clean as dirty flower beds can attract pests to attack plants.

These were some very useful tips which you should follow for proper care of your perennials to have healthy and beautiful blooming plants in your garden.