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Orchid flowers have different uses. They are used for making wedding bouquets, floral arrangements and most interestingly for making corsages. You can choose orchids to make a corsage for your wrist. Just select some beautiful orchids from your garden and choose those colors that will go with your dress and make a stylish corsage for your wrist. If you don’t want to be specific then choose white orchids for making corsage. But the question arises that what is the method of making wrist corsages using orchid flowers. To answer this question, here are some important instructions:

Selecting and Cutting Flowers

First step is to choose fresh and elegant looking flowers from the garden. Now separate your favorite flowers keeping in mind that their buds remain in tact. While cutting the flowers, make sure that you leave the stems adequately long to be tied jointly so leave about one inch of stems. You will require 3 flowers for making a corsage.

Attaching Wire to Flowers

Next step is to attach floral wire to flowers. After doing this, you will need to wrap the flowers with floral tape so that they hold in place.

Arranging the Flowers

In this step, the orchids are gathered in one hand making sure that a simple bouquet is formed.  Now flowers are arranged in such a way that largest bloom remains in the center and smaller blooms remain on either sides.

Forming One Stem

Now firmly grasp the flowers and use floral tape to tie the three stems together. Now one single stem would be formed.

Removing the Buds

In this step, buds are removed from stalks. Cutting of buds should be done in such a way that a longer stem is left as compared to the stems you had left on blooms. Its length would depend on the bloom size. The length of bud stem should be 4 to 6 inches.

Attaching the Buds

Now corsage is turned upside down and bud is attached to the back. Again floral tape will be used for attaching the buds. Stem of the buds are attached to other stems in the same way as it was done with blooms.

Cutting Ribbon

Using a length of ribbon; measure your wrist. You should add almost 3 inches to make sure that the ribbon’s length is sufficient to tie the corsage and wrist as well. Now cut the ribbon according to the measured length.

Fastening the Ribbon

In this step, the corsage is turned in such a way that its back is in front of you. Then ribbon is tied in a single knot to the taped stems which are at the back of arrangement.

Preserving Corsage

Before wearing corsage, it must be preserved in fridge for 24 hours.

After this your orchid corsage is ready to wear. Now wear it on weddings, parties or prom nights and enhance the elegance of your stylish looks and beautiful dress.