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Also known as ‘dwarf sunflowers’, miniature sunflowers are shorter and have smaller heads. They are easy to grow therefore they are popularly grown by kids and amateur gardeners. Being an amateur gardener, I also grew these sunflowers in my garden for which I researched a lot and gathered some useful tips to grow miniature sunflowers. If you are also interested in growing these flowers, read this post carefully:

Planting Plan: Firstly I would like to tell you that you should make a growth plan for mini sunflowers at least two or three weeks before the last snow fall. And one more thing! Start growing mini sunflowers indoors and after they have grown properly, you can transplant them.

Selection of Containers: Now, select containers for your mini sunflowers. While choosing container, make sure that their opening is spacious and they are not too narrow because a narrow container will make it difficult for you to transplant sunflowers. Mini sunflowers also need drainage so select a container that can drain well.

Filling Containers with Soil: After carefully selecting containers, fill them with rich and fertile potting soil making sure that you have left half inch of space. Mini sunflowers take essential nutrients from the soil rapidly so if you are growing sunflowers in containers, you will be required to recondition the soil a number of times in a year. Now, you can sow seeds of mini sunflowers. Sprinkle seeds equally on the surface of soil.

Sowing Seeds: Don’t forget to cover the seeds lightly with half inch layer of soil. You can do so with the help of a garden spade or you can use your hands also. I prefer you to do this with your hands. If you are growing miniature sunflowers in more than one container, repeat the same process of sowing seeds in each container.

Watering Soil: Soil needs to be watered after sowing seeds so water each of your containers openhandedly until you feel that soil has become damp enough. You can check dampness by putting your finger one inch deep in the soil. It means that you should feel dampness up to one inch deep in soil.

Placing in Sunny Location: As mini sunflowers need sufficient sunlight, place your containers near a window that receives full sunlight. After the last frost, when the ground defrosts, transplant sunflowers. You will again have to choose a place receiving full sun. Bury your seedlings keeping a distance of 3 to 4 inches between them.

I hope that the above mentioned tips are enough for growing mini sunflowers. Follow these and have healthy miniature sunflowers in your garden.