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Although the kids of this modern era are fond of playing computer games but still they want an outdoor place for them for their recreation. They want a place like garden which has been specially designed for them. It would serve as a place which will provide fun to your kids and they will be urged to explore new things like different bugs, insects and budding seeds. It will be a pleasant gift you can ever give to your kids. Many people find it difficult to decide that how the kids’ garden should be designed. Here some useful instructions are given which would guide you to design a garden for your kids.


Let’s start with the soil. In a kids’ garden, soil plays an entirely different role. Kids will like to dig soil and making tunnels so a special area should be selected for this purpose. A sandbox can also be used for this.

Include Water Element

Children will love to have a fountain in their garden. A small garden can have room for a fountain or such element and if you have a big garden, you can make a pool where children can play with their toy water boats.

Provide Place for Games and Other Activities

Kids love to play games in a garden. If you have enough space then make a grassy hillside but in case you don’t have sufficient space then you can put a swing on a big tree or make a tree house which kids like the most in a garden.

Devote a Corner for Kids for Growing Plants

Let the children grow something which they like to have in their garden. For this purpose, devote a part of the garden where the kids can care for the plants they have grown themselves. It will provide them pleasure as well as confidence. But an adult supervision is necessary as well.

Make a Themed Garden

Kids will not like a simple and ordinary garden. So you have to make it a themed garden. You can design an alphabet garden by planting the plants whose names start from A to Z. By planting carnivorous plants having enormous foliage, you can name it a dinosaur garden.

Following these instructions, you can surely design an exciting garden for your kids.