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Are you worried about the care of your black jewel orchids???? Don’t worry. I myself grew black jewel orchids in my home and did a lot of search on tips to take care black jewel orchids. During my search, I found a number of useful tips which I also used to take proper care of my black jewel orchids. For your help and convenience, I will share these tips with you:

  • According to my research and experience, black jewel orchids require low light level because too much light will spoil color of its leaves and they will start looking dull. If leaves of your black jewel orchids have become yellowish or reddish then it means that they are receiving more light than required. Moreover if you are feeling that leaves are warmer than surrounding air, it also means that plants are receiving too much light so be careful in this regard and place a thin curtain to protect plant from excessive sunlight.
  • Black jewel orchids should be watered early in morning so that it may become dry before night. I made a mistake of watering my plants in afternoon and as a result wet leaves of my plants caught nighttime chills so don’t do this mistake. I will add one more thing here. Always remember that wet leaves are easily attacked by fungus so water plants twice a week in summer and once a week in winter season. Make sure that you are keeping potting medium moist instead of wet. I will recommend you to use rainwater for watering purpose instead of tap water as rainwater contains fluoride.
  • Black jewel orchids require well-draining potting medium so I will suggest you to use a mixture of bark and coconut peat along with frayed isolite. These plants also grow in regular potting soil that is mixed with peat moss, gravel or sand.
  • As far as fertilizing is concerned, black jewel orchids need to be fertilized during their growing season to boost up flowering. While fertilizing, make sure that you have watered the plants because fertilizers can burn plant roots.
  • If orchids are grown indoors, they can be easily attacked by pests like mealy bugs, scale and spider mites. To control pest attack, use soapy water instead of those insecticides containing harsh chemicals. Solution should be directly sprayed on insects to kill them all. To kill mealy bugs and scale, use rubbing alcohol.

That was all about taking care of black jewel orchids. You can follow these tips with full faith as they have followed by me as well.


Jewel Orchids are the only type of orchids that are grown for its foliage instead of its flowers because it has beautiful velvety leaves. They look even more beautiful when they are grown in combination with other flowers. Are you also thinking of growing Jewel Orchids? If yes then I must tell you that growing Jewel Orchids is not difficult at all provided that you follow some important tips. These tips are:

  • Jewel Orchids require premium sphagnum or commercial terrestrial orchid mix so Jewel Orchids should be planted in right medium. If you have a stem cutting with you, you will be able to get it to root by placing it in water. After the Jewel Orchid has been rooted, you can gently pot it in sphagnum or orchid mix. Here you should make sure that roots are completely covered and soil can drain well because Jewel Orchids like damp conditions but they don’t like standing water at all.
  • Since Jewel Orchids like warmth and humidity so you will require choosing a right spot for their better growth. Jewel Orchids should never be grown in cool areas. Interestingly, Jewel Orchids grow very well in bathrooms as they like humid conditions and grow well under fluorescent lighting.
  • Jewel Orchids naturally grow in tropical rainforests therefore they grow best when they are provided with plenty of humidity. If you will provide sufficient humidity to your Jewel Orchids, you will see your orchids growing rapidly and flowering more. Though Jewel Orchids can also grow exterior of a terrarium, you can use terrarium to provide adequate dampness for their better growth.
  • Jewel Orchids require to be fertilized once a month. You are recommended to fertilize Jewel Orchids with such a product that is specific for terrestrial orchids. Good fertilizers will help you growing beautiful and healthy Jewel Orchids.
  • Jewel Orchids require to be watered regularly as they don’t like to be dry. One thing that is most important to remember is that they don’t like standing water either so wait until the soil begins to dry out before watering again. Don’t over-water your Jewel Orchids as dry Jewel Orchids are easier to protected than those damaged by damp conditions.

These were some important tips regarding healthy growth of Jewel Orchids. Follow these tips with full faith and confidence and have beautiful Jewel Orchids in your garden.