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Moth orchids are epiphytic as they cling to trees and get dampness from trees bark instead of growing in soil. These orchids are mostly grown in houses and need special care to make them bloom. Do you also want to make your moth orchids bloom? Are you looking for some simple tips to make it possible? Don’t worry as this post contains simple and helpful instructions in this regard:

  • Moth orchids should be planted in such an orchid mix that is made for epiphytic orchids and this mix should be able to retain dampness. You will also require keeping the mix damp all times. Since moth orchids don’t store water, their roots need to be moisturized.
  • Moth orchids don’t like direct sunlight so place them in brightly-lit area that is out of reach of direct sunlight. For this, a brightly-lit window will prove to be the best. Proper lighting is necessary to make moth orchids bloom.
  • Humidity requirements for moth orchids also need to be considered carefully so keep humidity level at approximately 50% to 80%. To make moth orchids bloom quickly, place a humidifier in room.
  • While moth orchid is growing, you are required to fertilize it once a month with an orchid fertilizer. If you want to encourage blooming process, I will recommend you to add 1 tea spoon of water soluble fertilizer to the potting mix before watering moth orchids.
  • Let’s come toward the temperature requirements. During day time, temperature should be between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit while at night temperature should be relatively less and it should be between 60 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Cool nighttime temperature encourages moth orchid to bloom quickly.

Follow above mentioned instructions with proper care to make your moth orchid bloom quickly and beautifully.