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Are you looking for some tips on growing giant sunflowers? If yes then you have reached the right place. I have been gathering tips and tricks on growing giant sunflowers which I want to share with you people to enable you to grow these huge sunflowers to beautify your garden as well.

Choose a Location

If you want your sunflowers to grow at their utmost height then you should choose a well drained location so that they can receive maximum amount of sunlight. Sunflowers’ heads are always faced towards east so such a location should be selected where sunflowers are in full view of sunrise.

Choosing Sunflower Seeds

Since you want to grow huge sunflowers, you will require picking “tall” types seeds. The most successful varieties in this regard are “Kong” and “Mammoth” because these varieties can grow up to a height of 10-20 feet producing huge and attractive sunflowers.

Digging Holes

To grow giant sunflowers, you will require digging a hole having a circumference of 2 feet and a depth of 18 inches. The holes should be dug in such a way that center of one hole is two feet away from the center of previous hole. Remember that more space between sunflower plants result in larger flowers and thinner stalks while less space may result in smaller flowers and thicker stalks so if you want huge sunflowers to grow ideally, you will require maintaining a space of 24 inches between two plants.

Preparing the Soil

Ordinary sunflowers can grow in poor soil conditions but giant sunflowers cannot so prepare the soil carefully. After loosening the soil you have removed from holes, remove rocks, roots and stones from soil. Prepare a mixture of half a shovel of potting mix and half shovel of humus and then back fill your holes with this mixture.

Planting Seeds

The best time for planting giant sunflower seeds is from mid May to early June. While planting seeds, make sure that you are planting three seeds in each hole. These seeds should be positioned about an inch apart form each other. Push each seed in soil to a depth of one inch. You can use your finger for this purpose. After planting the seeds, sprinkle a little soil over buried seeds and then pat the soil using your hands.

Watering Giant Sunflowers

Giant sunflowers consume a lot of water but remember that over watering these plants may soften the roots making them incapable of supporting the huge plant.  Don’t water sunflowers in case of puddling but after that if you feel that soil has dried out, water your giant sunflowers.


A liquid fertilizer should be used after every 1-2 weeks. Remember not to fertilize the flower or the stalk directly because it may rotten and weaken your plant. Instead of it, pour liquid fertilizer around the base of plant.

These were some simple and easy steps to grow huge sunflowers. Follow these and have giant and beautiful sunflowers in your house.