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Marigolds are among one of the flowers that have long life. These are very beautiful looking flowers having eye-catching colors like yellow, orange and red. Their blooming season starts from the mid-summers and ends with the first frost of fall season. Planting marigolds is almost effortless provided that their growing requirements are fulfilled. Here I am giving some instructions and tips regarding the plantation of marigold flowers:

Select Sunny Location

Marigolds thrive in full or partial sun so you should find a place accordingly.

Start Planting Process

You can start the planting process after the last snow fall of the season. If you want to grow them before the last frost then you can plant them indoors in such containers having potting soil. After the frost, you can change their place by replanting them outside in your garden. This whole process will help these flowers to produce blooms early in the season.

Select Area having Rich Soil

Now you will have to select a location having rich soil. Before planting the flowers, you will have to add fertilizer to the soil if it is poor in terms of richness. After adding manure, your next step is to dig the manure in soil using a shovel.

Sow the Seeds

Now the next step is to sow the seeds in the garden. The distance between the seeds and giant marigolds should be at least one to two feet. After sowing the seeds, they should be covered with a thin layer of soil. You can use trowel for this purpose.

Douse the Seeds

Next step is to drench the seeds with water using a water jug or pipe.

Keep the Soil Humid

Once the seeds start to germinate and plants are established, you should make sure to keep the soil damp. But here one thing should be kept in mind that soil should not be saturated with too much of water.

Add Mulch

In order to control the growth of weeds and to keep the moisture preserved around the plant, you should add mulch.

Water during Dry Weather

Another important tip is that, during the dry weather, water plants once or twice a week.

Remove Finished Blossoms

When your plants start flowering in mid-summer, you must deadhead the finished blossoms. It will help the plant to grow well and improve the look of marigold flowers.

Continue Periodic Watering

Episodic watering should be continued on weekly basis until after the first frost.

These were some important steps that must be followed for the successful plantation and healthy growth of marigold flowers.