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Growing rose bushes in home garden is very popular among home gardeners but some people live in small apartments and don’t have enough space to make a garden and grow rose bushes there. Are you also among one of them? Do you also want to grow rose bushes in your home? Don’t worry as rose bushes can also be grown indoors. Here I will explain you how it would become possible:

  • Select an appropriate container in which you will grow your rose bush. For this, shape and style of container is not as important to be considered as its depth so make sure that container is 14 inch deep to provide sufficient space for roots to spread. Rose bush roots get rotten if there is not proper drainage so while selecting container, watch that it has drainage holes.
  • Take a bucket and mix one part of bleach with four parts of water. Now pour that mixture into cleaned container and wash it from inside. After that you can rinse container with water.
  • Prepare potting mixture by taking equal amounts of mulch, peat moss and sterile potting soil. After filling the container half full with this mixture, shift rose from nursery container to your own rose container. Potting mixture should be added to flower container until rose roots are covered making sure that bud remains above soil.
  • Potting mixture should be watered thoroughly until water runs from drainage holes of container. Watering is necessary as it helps potting mixture to settle. Now add more potting mixture to level it under bud union of rose bush. After that you are required to cover top of soil with one inch layer of mulch to retain soil’s moisture. Now place container in sunny location so that it might receive sunlight required for its proper growth.
  • Rose bush should be watered daily until red leaves are developed because red leaves indicate new growth. Then water rose bush once a week by pouring water on to potting mixture until you see water coming out of drainage holes.
  • Pruning rose bushes at proper time is also important so when you see spent blossoms and faded leaves, remove them. Sharp gardening shears should be used for this purpose otherwise you will cause damage to rose canes. Some people add rose cuttings to compost which is wrong and should be avoided.

These were some simple and easy steps which you can follow to grow rose bush indoors and make your house elegant and fragrant.