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The wild Orchids are beautiful flowers that everybody should have in his/her garden or in the backyard. They grow in different style and have a unique look. The good thing about wild Orchids is that they have wide range of species; each kind of specie has its own unique and attractive form and vibrant coloring. The most popular types of wild Orchids are Lady’s Slipper, Calanthe, and White Egret.

One of the most admired wild orchid types is the Lady’s Slipper which comes in a number of different varieties varying typically in the size of the flower and colors. Snowy color Lady’s Slipper is thought to be the most attractive and is in high demand by the Orchid lovers.

Many of these Orchids are about three inches in diameter and come in colors like pink, purple, or maroon with white blended in all over the petals. The wild Orchids can reach about two feet of height when fully grown. This is the maximum height of the Orchid plant.

Calanthe variety of Orchids is the more classic in shape, and has variety of colors. They give more flowers per stalk than the Lady’s Slipper. These Orchids are able to flourish in almost every climate on condition that you keep them in moderate temperature and prevent them from exposing in the direct sunshine or in the frost of winter season.

The most distinctive kind of wild Orchid is White Egret. It commonly grows in Asia and has been successfully flourishing in the United States. Its different appearance makes it feel like a flying bird. As its name shows, this type of wild Orchid comes only in white flowers. A completely grown flowering spike can have ten flowers, and can attain the height of sixteen inches.

Orchids, in general, bear capsules which contain thousands of microscopic seeds. These seeds need to have Mycorrhizal fungi to sprout. Therefore, wild Orchids require producing lots of seeds in order to grow and become a fully grown flowering plant because only the small portion of all the seeds has the ability to germinate and become a plant.

It takes at least 3 to 5 years to turn a seed into a plant and bear flowers. Some of the wild Orchids even take 15 years from seed to fully grown orchid plants, bearing flowers. Therefore, deciding to grow Orchid from seed is not a good idea as it is very time-consuming process and you need to be very patient as well.

Specialized horticultural methods abolish the requirement of fungi which the wild Orchid needs. You can easily buy a plant from the plant sales outlets and then providing adequate water and humidity will be enough for the plant to grow. Taking proper care of it will give you flowers that last for more than a month, giving you inner satisfaction and pleasure.

Garden decoration is not limited to fountains, garden furniture and waterfalls but you can also decorate your garden walls as well. If you are thinking of decorating your garden walls in unique ways then read this post because I have a number of wonderful ideas to decorate your garden walls:

  • You can decorate your garden wall with outdoor wall lights. Outdoor lights are available in different sizes and unique shapes including both traditional and modern. I will like you to use an iron lamp with a lantern shape to decorate your garden wall but choice of lights will all depend on your liking and theme of your garden. I will also like to add that wall lights should be decorative as well as functional such as you can use track lights so that they can highlight your wall art.
  • Thermometers and clocks can also be used to decorate garden walls. Outdoor thermometers and clocks are mostly waterproof and made of material like rust-free aluminum that prevents these lights from any harm and damage. If you have an intention to decorate garden wall with clocks and thermometer, you can make a choice from a wide variety as clocks and thermometers come in different styles and shapes. Sometimes clocks also come in combination with thermometer or even with humidity-level indicator. Moreover thermometers and clocks come in different exciting shapes like that of a rectangle, sun or round-shaped.
  • Another very good idea is to decorate your garden walls with wall art. Wall art for garden usually has a theme that depicts nature like plants, flowers and animals. Different kinds of garden wall art are available which are decorative and very attractive. For example, wall art may be in the form of ceramic plates, mosaic artwork as well as metal work. Metal work wall art come in the shapes of sun, moon, butterflies and hummingbird etc.
  • Wall planters can also be used for garden wall decorations. Like other decorative items, they are also available in different shapes and sizes from which you can choose according to your choice and garden theme. Wall planters that are usually available are made of materials like wood and wrought iron and they look like vases or pots. There are some plants that are best suitable for wall planters like petunia, sweet potato wine and ipomoea etc.

These were some really great ideas that you can follow to decorate your garden walls in a beautiful ways. You can even combine these ideas with your own creative ideas to make your garden walls even more attractive and appealing.

These days, gardens are populated with roses and pansies but nobody thinks about growing a wildflower garden. Growing a wildflower garden is easier because wildflowers are resistant to pests and diseases and they can tolerate harsh weather conditions. Wildflowers can also survive in all types of soil and once they are grown in their required environment they can continue to grow without trimming, weeding and watering. I have made extensive research on growing wildflower garden and want to share some of the tips with you so that you can also grow a wildflower garden in your home. Follow these tips:

  • Sow seeds of wildflowers in ground which doesn’t has weeds and grasses. It is necessary for growth of wildflowers that they should not be in competition with these.
  • Decide the time when you want to sow seeds. Wildflowers can be planted in spring or fall as they like warm soil. Ideal temperature required for the growth of wildflowers is 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. For your further help and assistance, you can also ask your local nursery about it or follow instructions given on seeds packet.
  • When it comes to select a suitable location, you should choose a place that receives enough sunlight and possesses well-drained soil. Most of the wildflowers require 5 to 8 hours of sunlight for their proper growth.
  • Now after selecting a suitable location, prepare the ground for sowing seeds. Make sure that you have removed all weeds and other vegetation.
  • Take wildflower seeds and mix them with fine-grade builder’s sand taking four parts of sand and one part of seeds. Now sow seeds by spreading them in a far-reaching motion. You can do so with your hands and can also use broadcast seeder for this purpose.
  • Tap seeds in the ground but keep in mind that if a seed is buried very deep in soil, it will not sprout. Do this task in the best possible way, walk over seedbeds and tap soil with your feet.
  • Seeds of wildflowers require water for their germination so water seeds regularly until the plants grow one to two inches tall. After that wildflowers will need water only when they will look withered.
  • If you see some weeds growing in your wildflower garden, remove them with your hands before they grow further.

These were some of the most important steps and tips to grow a wildflower garden. Follow these steps and beautify your garden with simple but graceful wildflowers.


Growing an indoor garden is very beneficial as it plays an important role in reducing air pollution in your house and consequently it will also prove healthy for you. Many people want to create indoor gardens but don’t know the exact way of making it possible. It is quite easy to create indoor garden if some useful tips and instructions are followed. Such instructions are given below:

Purchase Plants

Firstly you will have to purchase plants that can grow and flourish indoors. These plants may include some varieties of ivy and tropical plants.

Selection of Containers

You will have to select containers of good quality. Plastic containers should never be used as they can not support a growing plant due to their light weight. Remember that the containers are not only necessary for the proper growth of plants but also they affect the decoration of your house. Bad quality containers can spoil the outlook and décor of your house.

Choice of Soil

Potting soil should be used to grow the plants indoors. Some people make a mistake by using the topsoil from their yard. It can be bad for the healthy growth of plants because topsoil doesn’t contain the nutrients essential for plants.

Selection of Location

The best area for growing the plants indoors is that which receives a lot of sunlight during the day time. An eastern-facing window would be the perfect location as it receives a large amount of sunlight in the afternoon.

Keeping the Plants Mist

Indoor plants need to be misted frequently. In big and modern homes, there are air conditioners which give a pleasant feeling to human as they deplete the indoor moisture. But this is not good for indoor plants. Therefore it is necessary to provide moisture to the plants daily with a spray bottle. Remember to fill the spraying bottle with filtered water.

Arrangement of Plants

The plants should be arranged in an attractive way to appeal the guests that visit your house. You may hang some plants from the ceiling. Spider plants and ivies are best for this purpose as they grow downwards. While making plants grouping, place taller plants in the back of short plants so that short plants become visible.

These were some simple instruction to create indoor gardens. Hopefully it will help you a lot.

There are a large number of flowers that can be planted in early spring season because at that time of year the ground is soft enough to plant different types of flowers. Early spring flowers will give your garden a colorful and elegant look with their refreshing colors and look. Here I am providing you names of some flowers that you can plant in your garden as early spring flowers.


Being annual flowers, snapdragons can be planted year after year. These flowers bloom in cool climates and are very attractive looking flowers as they have colorful borders. The best time to plant them is early spring when the soil is still cool. They grow very well when they are provided with well-drained soil and full sunlight but they can also bear light frosts as well.


These flowers are very easy to grow and can be planted at any time of the year especially in early spring. The method of planting the lilies is somewhat difficult as compared to other early spring flowers. Before planting the lily bulbs in the spring, you are required to place a 4 inch coating of mulch over the area where you want to plant the lilies. Afterwards you can remove the mulch when the shoots start to appear. Like snapdragons, lilies also like full sunlight and well-drained soil. Excessive water in the soil will become a cause of perished and rotten bulbs.


Roses are also grown in early spring when the soil is soft enough to plant these flowers. Most of the home gardeners like to grow roses in the bush form but some types of roses are very small and they are required to be grown in pots. Most of the roses are sweet-smelling but some don’t have any fragrance. The blooms of roses can range from one flower to several flowers on one stem. All types of roses like full sunlight and drained soil for their proper growth.


These are lovely early spring flowers as they come in a variety of colors including purple and off-white. They flourish best in cool spring season. They grow well both in full or partial sunlight and require humid but well-drained soil like most of the others early spring flowers. They continue to bloom until the weather gets hot and then they start to wither.


They are another very popular type of early spring flowers having an eye-catching yellow color. Most of the people know about only yellow daffodils that grow in early spring but there are some other very attractive colors of daffodils including pink, white and cream.

These were some of the most popular early spring flowers that you can plant to beautify your garden.


The garden sheds are not only used for the gardening purpose but also they can be used in different ways for different purposes. In most of the gardens, garden sheds are treated as a neglected place. But it is a fact that garden sheds can be used in a variety of ways. Here in this article, I am going to share with you some ideas to use the apparently useless garden sheds.

Home Office

The first very useful way to use a garden shed is to make it a home office. Most of the people have such businesses and jobs that require some work to be done at home. So they can use garden shed as a place where they can do office work. It will provide peaceful surroundings to work in. It will also serve as a quiet place where you can do your work with full attention and concentration. To make it functional throughout the year, you can reinforce the walls with wood and add windows. In addition to it, you can also install heating and cooling systems.


A garden shed can also serve as a greenhouse. For turning a garden shed into a greenhouse, all you need to do is to add lights and heat so that the plants can grow well during winter season. Some sheds have designs having windows in them which allow the sunlight to enter in for the healthy growth of plants.

Playhouse for Kids

A garden shed can be transformed into a playhouse or dollhouse for kids. It will be cost effective as well. To make it attractive for the kids, the inner walls of the garden shed can be painted with their favorite cartoon characters. To decorate the exterior of the garden shed, you can grow hollyhocks, sunflowers or pink coneflowers.

Place to Entertain Guests

Some people love to do parties and entertain their guests but find inadequate space inside the home. For such people, garden sheds can be used as a place where you can entertain your guests in a cozy and peaceful environment. If your shed is made in a way that it can be used only in winter season then you can make some minor adjustments to use it throughout the year. For this to happen, add a ceiling fan and a table lamp to use it throughout the year. To decorate a garden shed for the purpose of entertaining guests, you can décor it by using different items like beautiful and trendy furniture, vintage items, and fresh-cut flowers can also be placed on window sills. A mini-refrigerator can also be added to entertain your guests with cold drinks and other food.

Place for Potting and Repotting

Garden sheds can also be used as a place where a plant-lover can pot and re-pot the plants. For this, shelves and counters can be made. It will also help to keep the chaos out of the house. Here you can also store the items that are used for gardening like shovels, fertilizers or potting soil.

Party Place for Teens

Teens are fond of throwing parties. When a party takes place inside the home, a lot of clutter and mess is created which mothers usually dislike. In that case, garden sheds are proved to be the best place for arranging a party. You can add the party items like music systems, speakers, furniture in garden shed and your teens can enjoy a wonderful outdoor party in a healthy and beautiful environment.

These were some ideas to use garden sheds in different ways. Follow these ideas and make a good use of your garden shed.


Blue butterflies are one of the most attractive and charming butterflies. The reason is their unique color because most of the people think that butterflies have some common colors like brown, white etc. Blue color in butterflies is considered to be very unique and rare and most of us are ignorant that there is a special species of butterflies that are blue in color. Surprisingly, blue butterflies are in abundance in the world except from some of the endangered species. Here in this article I am going to describe some types of blue butterflies for your further information and knowledge.

The first type of blue butterflies is Mission Blue butterflies which are found in California. Male and female butterflies have different colors and patterns. Female butterflies are of brown color having small spots of blue color on the internal portion of wings while the males are totally blue in color and have black trim on the top of wings. On the inner side of the wings, male butterflies have white and black spots. Both male and female butterflies look very attractive and beautiful flying in the garden.

Eastern Tailed Blue butterflies are found in the eastern areas of United States. Arizona, California and Washington are some places where they are seen too. Eastern tailed blue butterflies like to eat asters, wild strawberries and clover plants.

Karner Blue butterflies are among one of the species of blue butterfly that are in danger of extinction because they are facing lack of food and loss of habitat. These butterflies look very beautiful in their blue color. Male and female butterflies differ in color. Male butterflies have silvery blue color having dark black color on the edges of the wings. The color of females is a mixture of gray and brown. But at the top of the wings, there is orange and blue color that makes the butterflies look attractive.

There is another type of blue butterflies that are found in the United States along with the coast of Pacific. These butterflies are named Pacific Dotted Blue butterflies. You can see these butterflies flying in the deserts, mountains, coastline, rock-strewn slopes and hills.  The male butterflies have beautiful lilac blue color of their wings while females are brown. On the inner side of wings both males and females have off-white color.

Fender’s Blue butterflies are featured with silvery blue color and they can be seen in Oregon. Their major source of food is a wild flower named Kincaid’s Lupine. It is also endangered specie and the reason behind this is loss of main food and locale.

These were some common types of blue butterflies. Some of its species are safe while others are in a great danger. Extensive efforts on a large scale are required to save the endangered species so that they can continue to attract us with their magnificent beauty and unique color.


Decorating a garden is not as difficult as it sounds. People think that an expert designer is required to decorate a garden which is very expensive. To save money, you can decorate your garden very well. All you need to do is to plan that how will you decorate your garden and then execute this plan. In this way, you can decorate your garden according to your taste and within your budget. Some garden decoration ideas and items are given below. By applying these ideas, you will be able to decorate your garden beautifully.


Using stones in garden is proved to be very good decoration idea. These stones are available in different sizes and shapes and can be used in different ways. For example, the stones of small size can be used to make circles around the trees or to make a boundary around flowerbeds. And the stones which are flat in shape can be used to make walkways.

Solar Flower Lights

Solar flower lights look very beautiful and give an elegant look to your garden. They provide light to your garden at night. There are different types of solar flower lights available in the market such as roses, tulips, lilies and others as well.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes add to the beauty of a garden because they produce very sweet sound when mild wind blows and give a peace of mind. Wind chimes are available in different attractive colors. But people find it difficult to decide that where to hang them. The wind chimes can be hung from a plant pole or porch. Using wind chimes in your garden will make you relaxed with melodious sound produced by them.


Fountains are a common item that is used for garden decoration. They can be placed in the middle of the garden. They look even more beautiful when a stone walkway circles around them. They also give a pleasant and relaxing feeling by the sound of running water.

Animals Figurines

You can also add animal figurines to enhance the beauty and décor of your garden. These include turtles, bunnies etc. These figurines can be moved anywhere according to your choice and needs.

Garden Flags

Another item that can be used to decorate the garden is garden flags. They look very beautiful and can be changed depending on the season.  These flags can be decorated with flowers, trees, birds and other designs. Most importantly, they are quite inexpensive and give a unique look to garden.

Bird Feeders

If you are a nature-loving person then you should include a bird feeder in your garden decorative items. But one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the feeders should be placed at such a place from where you can see them eating food. Another factor which demands special care is that the feeders should be always filled with seeds and birdbath should be filled with water. When you will do this, you will see your garden full of color and life.

These were some of the items that can be used to decorate a garden within budget and resources.


Growing a rooftop garden is an option for those people who don’t have a yard or enough gardening space. Creating a rooftop garden may prove somewhat tricky but if you have a strong roof which can support containers then it may prove a superb place to grow a garden. Growing a rooftop garden can also be turned into a money-saving process because you can not only grow the flowers but also different types of vegetables in your rooftop garden. So if you are interested in creating a rooftop garden then follow these simple steps.

Selection of Area

Firstly you should be careful enough in selecting a suitable area for your rooftop garden. You should select that area of your roof that receives the most sunlight as your rooftop garden will require sunlight. It is also important to consider that the selected rooftop is not slanted and it can support a garden. You can also add additional supports if you are not sure about the strength of your roof.

Arranging Gardening Tools

Now after selecting a suitable area for your rooftop garden, the next step is to collect and arrange all the necessary gardening tools like gloves, bucket, water container, rain barrel, brooms, shears etc.

Plastic Sheeting

Now lay down the plastic sheeting on the roof where you will put the garden containers having flowers and vegetables plants.

Collecting Containers

You must also select and collect garden containers and boxes for growing the plants. For this purpose, you can select terra cotta pots or a small child’s wading pool can also serve the purpose.

Filling the Containers with Soil

After placing the containers and pots on plastic sheeting, the containers should now be filled with soil. Now plant the seeds of flowers and vegetables which you want to grow in your rooftop garden. Planting the seeds would be done in the same way as planting the seeds in ground. Water them regularly for their best growth.

Mulching the Containers

Next you will have to compost the top of containers and pots with organic mulch like leaves or tree barks. Adding a 2 or 3 inch layer of mulch would be sufficient for the soil to preserve enough moisture.

Watering the Garden

Watering the garden is necessary for its healthy growth. As this would be a container garden so it will require water on frequent basis. It is recommended to water the rooftop garden everyday except it rains.


Plants need fertilizer to get essential nutrients and minerals. So regularly provide them with proper fertilizers. But keep in mind that excessive fertilizing can rot the plants so you should be aware of the fertilizing methods and know that what quantity of fertilizer should be provided to the plants.

Decorating the Garden

To make your rooftop garden look prettier and elegant, you can add different decorative elements in your garden like a sculpture or some light furniture.

I hope that you will find the above steps quite easy and helpful in creating and maintaining your rooftop garden.


There is a general perception that flowers blossom in spring and summer season but there is large number of flowers that can decorate and brighten-up your garden in the cold months of January and February. Winter flowers have a large number of varieties which add more color and style to your garden. Here I am providing you a list of flowers that bloom in January and February hoping that you will plant them and make your garden looking as beautiful as in spring season.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is a shrub which produces sweet-smelling flowers having yellow or orange color. These flowers grow in the form of bunches. They start to bloom in January and continue to blossom till March and April. It is an attractive and useful shrub at the same time as its roots and bark are used in different medicines.


These are very elegant-looking flowers and are quite easy to grow. They have different colors such as white, purple, pink or yellow. These flowers grow well in specific conditions. They require fractional sunlight and acidic soil to grow well. These are the best flowers that you can grow in winter because they can even survive in snowy weather.

Winter Jasmine

It is a late winter flower having yellow flowers. They are mostly grown on slopes for covering the ground. As it is a creeping plant, so it looks very graceful climbing fences or grilles. If you want to grow this in your garden, you have to keep two factors in mind: they like well-drained soil and full or partial sun.


They grow and survive in the season even when the ground is covered with snow.  These are star-shaped flowers having violet-blue color and white color in the middle. They are very beautiful flowers and are recommended to grow in your garden.


It is also among the flowers that grow in winter. Most of its species produce flowers in January but some of the species produce flowers in spring or late autumn. They produce flowers of white color and they look like white carpet when grown in their native areas. When they are in their full bloom, they give an impression as the ground is covered with snow.

Winter Iris

The Winter Iris are the flowers that bloom throughout the winter season. They are aromatic flowers refreshing your mind with lemony-vanilla fragrance. They have different colors like deep blue, white and lilac. They like sunny spots to grow well. They do not bloom well in the winter if they don’t get sunlight during summer. Like most of other winter flowers, they also like well-drained soil.

These were some flowers and plants that you can grow in cold months of January and February and enhance the look of garden even in the winter season.