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Most of the flowering plants bloom in spring season but there are some plants that bloom best in summer heat. These plants may be either perennials or annuals. Here I am providing you with a list of such flowers that live in hot summer. You can grow any of these flowers in your garden to beautify it in summer season as well.


Portulaca is also known as moss rose and it grows best in rock gardens. Portulacas are colorful flowers that open in morning but close in the warmth of day. These are annual plants and are very easy to grow. As far as color range of these flowers is concerned, they provide a wide variety of colors including yellow, red, pink, white and orange. Bicolor varieties of these flowers are also available.


Zinnia is another annual that is considered best to add color to a garden in summer time. These flowers are available in wider range of colors as compared to other annual flowers. Although all varieties of zinnias are heat-tolerant, there are some types of zinnia flowers that need to be watered excessively during long and dry periods of time with no rain.


Being a low growing annual, Periwinkle does not grow until late spring when the soil becomes enough warm for its proper growth. This plant produces flowers in different colors like purple, blue and white. For best results, plant these plants in an area with good air circulation. One thing which I should remind you of is that these plants should not be over-watered because they are easily attacked by fungal diseases.


Cosmos is a blooming annual that is a native wildflower in America. These flowers are found in attractive colors like purple and orange. It reproduces from seeds and if you want this plant to produce more flowers, grow these plants having a distance of at least six inches between them.

Purple Coneflower

Purple coneflower is perennial in nature and generates daisy-like flowers of purple color. Some other varieties of purple coneflower produce red, white or yellow blooms as well. This plant blooms during the hottest time of year and thus it can tolerate heat and drought.

Salvia Greggii

Salvia greggii is also known as autumn sage. It is native to the desert Southwest of America and therefore it can bear drought. It is a shrub producing tabular flowers. These flowers are well-known for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. After blooming, this shrub can be pruned to keep it in an attractive and beautiful shape.