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Flowers are a source of adding beauty and color to your garden. This beauty and color can be increased in another way. What is that? Yes, you can add another decorative and lively element in your garden and that is butterflies. If you want to attract butterflies to your garden, you must know that what types of flowers attract butterflies. For your help and information, I would like to suggest you some flowers that will attract butterflies to your garden.


In Greek language, aster means a star and this name has been given to this plant because its flowers have a shape like that of a star. Being a member of Compositae family, these flowers are commonly found in North America having more than 175 species. These flowers also grow in South America, Europe and Asia. Blooms of aster have yellow color in the center and have a diameter of about half inch to two inches. They have attractive colors like purple, pink, yellow and white. These flowers are perennial and require full sunshine and drained soil for their proper and healthy growth and the kinds of butterflies which they attract include American painted lady, question mark, American snout and sleepy orange butterfly.

Butterfly Bush

These spiky flowers grow on six feet tall woody-stemmed bushes and can be grown from three to ten inches long. Having more than 100 species, these flowers are very fragrant and contain considerable quantity of nectar. They come in beautiful colors like red, purple, blue and pink and the butterflies which they attract include monarch, giant swallowtail, coma and mourning cloak.


These annual flowers grow on long and green stalk and belong to Asteraceae family. These flowers are round-shaped and are popularly known for their attractive colors like yellow, pink, orange and red. Zinnias are native to American Southwest and Mexico but at the same time they are grown in warm climates as well. Butterflies which are attracted by zinnias include silvery checkerspot, painted lady, cloudless sulphur and little glassywing.

These were some types of flowers that attract butterflies towards them so if you want to attract butterflies to your garden, you are required to plant these flowers in your garden.