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Black orchids are not actually black but they look like black because of their dark blue color. Many amateur and professional gardeners grow black orchids in their garden. I have also grown black orchids and collected a number of tips to grow them properly. If you are also interested in growing black orchids then read this post as I have shared some important tips here:

Potting and Soil Requirements: After purchasing black orchids, plant then in a pot having appropriate size and sufficient soil required by these plants.

Location: Black orchids need to be placed in a shady area because if they are exposed to too much sunlight, they can be burnt permanently. When I grew black orchids for the first time, I made this mistake by placing my orchids in direct sunlight but after it, I made a lot of research and came to know that most of the orchids need about 60% of shade.

Temperature: I will also recommend you to keep orchids in a pleasant and stable temperature so during day time temperature should be 65 to 85 degree Fahrenheit and night temperature should be between 55 and 75 Fahrenheit.

Watering: Black orchids should be watered when they need it so don’t over-water them and make sure that you are not watering its flowers directly. Actually this plants tells itself when it needs to be watered. Black orchids should be watered when you feel that its leaves are becoming wrinkled. With the passage of time, you will come to know how much water your black orchids need.

Fertilizing: Fertilize black orchids every couple of weeks for which you are required to find a good fertilizer. As far as fertilizing instructions are concerned, you can see the labels on fertilizer bags.

Repotting: When you feel that your black orchids are over-growing, re-pot them. Also re-pot them when their pot becomes unable to support black orchid plant.

Follow these tips to grow black orchids successfully. I assure you that following these tips will enable you to have beautiful black orchids in your garden.