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Rose bushes add to the beauty of garden due to their beautiful blooms and charming fragrance. They give your garden an elegant look with their lively colors. To keep rose bushes in good condition and shape pruning becomes necessary as it makes the bushes strong and robust. The best time to prune rose bushes is winter because in this season, you can easily remove dead stems from the bare rose bushes. Trimming bushes in winter season will lead to healthy and strong summer blooms. It will also give a good shape to your plant.

Pruning or trimming rose bushes is not an easy task as it requires a lot of practice. If rose bushes are not trimmed properly then it will cause them to die. So here some important tips and instructions are given. Following these instructions would help you to trim your rose bushes in a proper manner.

Important Instructions

  • The most suitable time to trim rose bushes starts when most of the leaves fall from the bushes and roses are undergone hoarfrost.
  • Before trimming, the first thing you must do is to remove grass and leaves from the base of flowers. It is necessary because insects and diseases hide in moist environment so removing trash and waste becomes very important to ensure that diseases and insects are not causing harm to rose bushes.
  • Next step is to remove the damaged and diseased branches by cutting the whole stem. Then remove old branches.
  • Before proceeding further, make sure that those branches are removed that are crossed over main stem of the rose bushes.
  • Now start trimming the bush by cutting weak and thin branches. This is necessary to make the nutrients available for the central and major stem. This will also provide more light to the stem and healthy branches.
  • The green sprouts should also be removed that grow off the central stem. Other weeds and suckers should also be cut down that grow from the roots of rose bush.
  • While pruning the rose bush, use sharp shears to avoid rough and uneven cuts. If care is not taken then rose bush may become infected with some disease.
  • The method of trimming is very simple. Try to trim to a healthy bud by making the cut at 45 degree angle.
  • Also cut the leaves that point towards outside of the rose bush.
  • Now there should be some treatment of the open wound. The method is to paint the wound with a sealing mixture to prevent the rose bush from infections and diseases.

Above mentioned instructions are quite reliable to be used for trimming your rose bush in a better way.