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Ideas for Decorating Potted Plants

Posted on: July 4, 2011

A beautiful and attractive plant is not always sufficient to compensate the ugliness of a boring pot so people mostly think of looking for some beautiful and expensive pots. Instead of buying expensive pots, you can decorate them and for this, all you need is some great and applicable ideas. Decorating your pots at home will save money and you will be able to add beauty to not only your plants but whole garden. Here I have come up with some ideas which you can apply to decorate your potted plants:

First and easiest option is to decorate your boring pots with paint. You can paint your pots either with a single color or make a pattern by using different colors. It all depends on your creativity. Mostly boring pots are made interesting by painting either stripes or polka dots on them. If you are creative enough and have good painting skills, you can paint a whole garden scene on a dull pot. Bright colors are always recommended to paint dull clay pots.

Another technique which you can use to decorate your pots is one which is called decoupage. In this technique, you can stick on pictures and other relevant items to your pot using a decoupage medium and a paint brush. After doing enough practice, you can make different designs on pot by cutting paper in different shapes like that of flowers and then sticking them to pots. But remember that this technique works well on pots made of plastic or terra cotta.

Decorative elements can also be added to terra cotta pots by attaching mosaic tiles. You can do so by using any simple tile glue. You don’t need to have some expensive mosaic tiles for this purpose because you can also use broken pieces of glass and dishes to make mosaic tiles. If you don’t have enough broken pieces then you can also purchase tiles and other items. If these tiles are very large then use a hammer to break them into smaller pieces but before attaching these pieces on pots, make sure that you have made a plan about a pattern in which you are going to attach them.

Last but not the least; you can use plant pokes to decorate your flower pots. Don’t you know about plant pokes? Plant pokes are actually decorations which are attached to a thin rod. All you need to do is to dig the bottom of rod into soil letting the shape at the top to mingle with plant leaves. You can easily find these decorative elements in market having interesting shapes like that of bees and other garden related images.

These were some really great and simple ideas which can be applied easily to decorate potted plants. I hope that you will like these ideas and follow them as well.

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