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Most Common Orchid Diseases

Posted on: June 29, 2011

It may happen that in spite of taking good care of your orchid plants, they may get attacked by several diseases. So it is necessary to know about different common diseases of orchid plants so that you can identify them as well as cure them in case they attack your beautiful orchids. Here are some of the most common types of orchid plant diseases.

Bacterial Root Rot

As the name suggests, this disease shrivel lower parts of leaves. This is one of the most common orchid diseases and can be caused by over-watering and the only way to cure this disease is to repot the orchid plant. When you will repot your orchid plant, you will see that roots have become dark and soft. Using the remedy of repotting orchids, you will remove bad roots along with the media around these suffered roots. Roots will be easy to remove as they are soft. For repotting orchid plant, use smaller pot and do not water for a number of days.

Crown Rot

Crown rot makes upper part of the leaf damaged so it is named as Crown Rot. The remedy for this disease is to remove upper leaves or upper part of leaves which will be soft enough to be removed easily. While doing this reedy, make sure that all the diseased area has been removed. You can also do this by digging into crown of plant with help of a sterile knife or blade. After removing suffered area, treat the open area with bactericidal solution or sprinkle area with cinnamon.

Leaf Rot

The main indication of this disease is discoloration of orchid leaves. It will not discolor the whole leaf but a spot will be appeared on leaf. If this disease is caught later, Spot may become bigger and darker and infected part will become gray and soft. The remedy is to use a sterile knife or other instrument to cut the leaf back to healthy tissue. If you are using a razor to remove infected area of your plant then discard it after use. After doing this treat healthy and good edge of the leaf with bactericidal solution or cinnamon. Also ensure that plant is located in a place where there is good air circulation.

Bud Blast

When orchid plants suffer from this disease, their buds start withering and falling off. This disease may be caused by some sudden and drastic changes in either temperature or light. It may also be caused by excessive drying of plant so to prevent this disease, don’t place plants near heater vents.

Leaf Burn

Leaf Burn is a disease that attacks orchid plants when they are over exposed to sunlight. In this disease, you will find some gray or white areas on leaves. There is no special remedy to treat this disease. All you need to do is to keep an eye on the plant because these spots may get infected.

Black Spots/Black Leaf

This disease is usually found in Oncidium and Paphiopedilum plants and is caused by too much of fertilizing or not providing orchid plant with fresh water. Initially the spots on leaves are not visible but with the passage of time these spots become black in color. These spots may appear either on body or tips of leaf. To avoid this disease, check air circulation in area where you have placed your plant.

These were some most common orchid diseases. Keep these in mind while growing orchid plants in your home and take necessary precautionary measures to avoid them.

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