Orchid Flowers

Getting Orchid Cactus to Bloom

Posted on: June 22, 2011

Special care and proper atmosphere is required by orchid cactus to bloom. Are you providing the same to your orchid cactus plant? If you don’t know what is required to make an orchid cactus to bloom then read the instructions given below as these will help you getting an orchid cactus to bloom:

  • Orchid cactus should be planted in a planter of medium size containing soil mixture in it. The soil mixture should consist of two parts of potting soil and one part of sand.
  • Place the planter at a location which receives partial sunlight all day long. As far as temperature is concerned, you are required maintaining temperature between 45 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit at all times during its growing season.
  • Between the months of April and September, you are required feeding orchid cactus once a month using a fertilizer having low nitrogen. But if you want to improve flowering, I will recommend you to add an additional application of fertilizer during the months of February to November. If you don’t know about dosage of fertilizing, read the directions given on fertilizer bag.
  • During spring, fall and summer, water orchid cactus once per week. Before watering, make sure that top one and a half inches of soil are dry. Watering frequency should be reduced in winter season to once every two weeks. Always remember that both insufficient watering and over-watering may become a hindrance in blooming.
  • Orchid cactus plant will also require enough amount of moisture. To provide humidity, you can place a humidifier near the plant to get it to bloom. By providing humidity, you will actually provide orchid cactus with their inhabitant environment which will encourage blooming. You can also mist the air around plant once or twice a day using lukewarm water.
  • Maintaining nighttime temperature is very important because orchid cactus bloom in night so keep temperature between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Dormant period is necessary for flowering so keep orchid cactus plant in complete darkness to induce dormant period. When the plant will recover from period of dormancy, it will bloom before next winter provided that proper care is taken and plant gets two years old.

These were some instructions which you should follow to make your orchid cactus plant to bloom. Best of luck with your orchid cacti!!

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