Orchid Flowers

Tips to Grow Orchid Cactus

Posted on: June 17, 2011

Orchid cacti are also known as epiphyllum which produce yellowish or white flowers. The special thing about these flowers is that they bloom at night. Being demanding plants, orchid cacti require some special conditions to be fulfilled for their growth and maintenance. If you also want to grow orchid cacti and you have never grown this beautiful plant before, then follow these simple steps as these steps will help you to grow healthy orchid cactus plant:

  • Take a planter having holes in the bottom. Now fill it with a potting mixture having one part peat, two parts uncouth sand and one part crushed lava rock. This mixture is ideal soil for orchid cactus and it will also allow drainage of water.
  • Orchid cactus plant will be grown from cutting so you can take a cutting from an adult plant. Now dip the cutting in rooting hormone and let it stay for up to two weeks. After two weeks, you will pot the cutting in peat mixture.
  • You will require keeping the peat mixture damp but not soggy. Water your plant thoroughly. Excess water will be drained through the holes at the bottom of planter. The best time to water orchid cactus plant is when the top third of soil becomes dry. You will also require watering these plants immediately after blooming. These plants don’t require much water during winter months so in these months, you will water only enough to keep the soil damp.
  • Like other plants, orchid cacti also need fertilizer for their proper and healthy growth. I will recommend you fertilizing orchid cactus plant in fall, spring and summer using sea kelp fertilizer. Remember not to fertilize your orchid cactus plant during winter.
  • As far as temperature requirements are concerned, you are needed to keep orchid cactus at a temperature ranging from 45 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Pruning is also an important step to be followed as it helps healthy grwoth. You can use pruning shears to prune dead foliage from orchid cactus plant.
  • Orchid cactus doesn’t like direct sunlight or extreme heat so keep the plant in a shady area or near a sunny window.

Aren’t these steps simple? Definitely these are easiest steps which you can follow to grow an orchid cactus plant in your house.

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