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Identification of Tropical Plants

Posted on: June 8, 2011

Tropical plants require a lot of water so they are mostly found in those areas where it rains heavily. These plants are so beautiful that gardeners love to grow these in their home gardens. But the difficulty arises when it comes to identify these plants. Most of the amateur gardeners don’t know how to distinguish these plants from other types of plants. Here I am going to give some information that will help you in identifying tropical plants.


Fragrance is the most important factor that helps you to identify tropical plants. A tropical plant named dwarf ylang is a small tree and requires indirect sunlight to grow well. Its produces green blooms which become yellow during summer and spring season. This tropical plant has a strong fragrance which becomes its recognition. Its fragrance is so strong that it is often used in making perfumes.

Large Leaves

If you are finding it difficult to identify tropical plants, notice size of leaves as leaves of tropical plants are not only the greenest but also largest. Canna is a tropical plant whose leaves have a shape like bananas and they can grow up to a width of 20 inches. Similarly, macaranga grandifolia is another tropical plant having gigantic leaves which can grow up to two feet wide.

Greener Leaves

See the leaves of tropical plants. You will find them greener as compared to the leaves of other plants. Swiss cheese vine is a tropical plant having dark green leaves. This plant requires shade and warm temperature to grow because direct sunlight can burn this plant. Leaves of this plant can grow up to five feet tall and broad.

Large Flowers

To identify tropical plants, seek large flowers because numerous tropical plants boast big flowers. African tulip tree is an example of such tropical plants which have large flowers having shape like that of cups. These flowers are especially loved by hummingbirds and insects because of their nectar. Flowers of African tulip are beautiful and have red and orange color. This tree can grow up to a height of 40 feet and needs damp soil and direct sunlight for their growth.


Tropical plants often produce fruits. Marang is a tropical plant that produces fruits. It grows best in greenhouses having high humidity and indirect sunlight. Black pepper vine is also among those tropical plants that produce fruits. This particular plant produces fruits like black pepper, white pepper and green pepper. Other examples of such plants include bilimbi and randia Formosa. Fruit of bilimbi plant is identical to a cucumber that’s why it is also called small cucumber tree. Randia Formosa produces yellow fruits having a taste identical to that of blackberries.

These were some factors which can make it easy for you to identify a tropical plant. Before growing tropical plants, you can recognize them keeping in mind the above mentioned points.


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