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Varieties of White Garden Rose

Posted on: April 20, 2011

Red and pink roses are mostly liked by the people but white roses have their own beauty that gives a sophisticated look to your garden. White roses look really great when blended with roses of other colors. You can select different white garden roses for your garden as they come in a number of varieties. Here I will explain its some varieties for your information and knowledge.

White Meidiland

This white garden rose is easiest to grow as it is highly resistant to pest attacks and diseases. It grows beautifully on slopes and that’s why it proves to be an excellent ground cover. Its specialty is its four inch wide blooms that appear throughout the year. These qualities of white meidiland make it beloved flower of gardeners.

Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral has been named after a cathedral in UK. It is majestic flower that produces blooms early in its season and constantly produce blooms. These flowers have a pale color in their center and grow on medium sized shrub. This beautiful shrub is four feet wide and is four feet in height.

Glamis Castle

This medium sized shrub has twig-like branches and shaggy foliage having   a height of four feet and width of 3.5 feet. With a fair myrrh fragrance, it gives double full blooms having white and cream colors. These are beautiful looking flowers giving a royal touch to your garden.

Rosa Kent Towne & Country

Being smaller in size, this rose plant grows to a height of two feet only producing white semi-double blooms. They look even more beautiful when they are grown on their own roots and are liked by most of the gardeners because they can easily tolerate harsh winter.

Milwaukee’s Calatrava

This is my favorite flower too as it has sweet fragrance. It produces white flowers with light pink color on edges. It is also a disease-resistant flower that grows to a height of four feet. Its blooming season starts from the end of summer and continues to fall.

Being a highly fragrant flower, it is the most care-free rose in rose family as it is a strong plant and needs little pruning. Moreover it is also resistant to common diseases. As far as its blooming period is concerned, I would like to inform you that it produces plenty of blooms in June and continues and blooms off and on until fall.

These were some beautiful varieties of white garden roses. You can grow any of these in your garden to add color, fragrance and classiness to your garden.

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