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Tropical Flowers Growing Tips

Posted on: April 13, 2011

Mostly people follow the misconception that tropical flowers are difficult to grow but it is not that difficult as people think. But it is true that their growing requirements are somewhat different and need special attention. My friend loves to grow tropical flower but was unaware of tips to grow tropical flowers successfully so to help him out, I made some research and gathered useful tips. These tips really worked so I want to share them with you also:

Selection of Container: Firstly you will choose your favorite tropical plant which you want to grow and then select a container whose size is according to that of your plant. Plastic containers are preferred for this purpose as they are known for retaining moisture for longer period of time.

Temperature: Temperature required by tropical flowers is different during day and night so tropical flowers like a temperature of 50 to 65 degrees during night and during day temperature requirements are changed as tropical flowers need a temperature of 70 to 80 degrees.

Humidity: During my research, I found that humidity level should be maintained between 60 and 80 percent if you want to grow healthy tropical flowers. Humidity levels can be enhanced and elevated by using humidity trays after filling them with pebbles and water. But it doesn’t mean that after providing humidity trays to plants is enough for their growth as you should regularly check that trays have adequate amount of fresh water.

Light Requirements: Bright filtered light is required by tropical flowers as plants that thrive in tropics require high light but they can’t tolerate direct light. So the best locations for tropical plants are east windows that can receive light for several numbers of hours. Western and southern windows which receive filtered light are also perfect.

Potting Medium: In the pot of tropical flowers, such potting medium should be provided that can give plants adequate drainage. To increase drainage, a proven method is to layer pebbles to the bottom of pot containing tropical plants.

Watering: To maintain the moisture of soil, water the plants but take care that plants should not sit in damp soil. These plants require plenty of fresh water but they don’t like their roots covered with water for longer period of time.

Air Circulation: I was surprised to know that tropical flowers require so much of air circulation that using a small fan is needed to be used to provide them with plenty of fresh air.

Fertilizing: Tropical plants need to be fertilized with a water-soluble fertilizer which is mixed to 1/2 strength. During their growing season, these plants require fertilizer after every 10 or 14 days and during winter season this frequency should be decreased.

After following these tips, my friend managed to grow beautiful tropical flowers so I would also recommend you to follow the above given requirements.

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