Orchid Flowers

Taking Care of Blooming Orchid Plants

Posted on: February 21, 2011

Orchids are one of the darling flowers of amateur gardeners and growers. They add to the beauty and grace of gardens as well as rooms if they are grown indoors. They are bright and attractive flowers and very easy to grow. But at the same time, they need special care especially when they are blooming. Most of the orchid growers are unaware of caring for them while they are blooming. Keeping this in mind, I am giving you some tips and instructions about taking care of blooming orchid plants.

Important Tips

  • You should feed the blooming orchid plants properly. You can feed your orchids once in a week with orchid food. But remember that the particular food should not contain urea. You should also consider about the method of feeding orchid plants. It’s very simple. All you have to do is to make the orchid food thinned and diluted first so that its strength and concentration may reduce.  Then you can give this food to your plants while watering them.
  • Orchids don’t like direct sunlight. Moreover the blooms of orchids become withered and are burnt in direct sunlight. So it is necessary to place them at a location that doesn’t receive direct sunlight.
  • While flowering, the orchids should not be moved. They should be placed in a moderately warm location approximately above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If orchid plants are given stress and exposed to chilly air, their blooms will start falling earlier than normal blooming time.
  • Watering is another important factor to be remembered while taking care of blooming orchids. The best time to water blooming orchids is morning time. But remember that they should be watered only when the soil becomes dry. The frequency of watering should be once in a week but it all depends on the climate you are growing orchids in. Over-watering can spoil the plants. The best method is to touch your finger with soil. If it is dry then it means that plants require water.
  • Always use moderately warm tap water while watering the orchid plants. Remember not to drench the soil with water. The amount of the water should be enough to just moist the soil.
  • When orchid flowers begin to wither, remove them. The usual blooming time of orchid flowers is about one to four months.
  • After blooming, trim the plants. There are some types of orchids that bloom again after pruning while some bloom only once.

These were some important instructions related to care of blooming orchid plants. I hope that they will guide and help you a lot.


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