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Easy Steps to Create a Rooftop Garden

Posted on: February 7, 2011

Growing a rooftop garden is an option for those people who don’t have a yard or enough gardening space. Creating a rooftop garden may prove somewhat tricky but if you have a strong roof which can support containers then it may prove a superb place to grow a garden. Growing a rooftop garden can also be turned into a money-saving process because you can not only grow the flowers but also different types of vegetables in your rooftop garden. So if you are interested in creating a rooftop garden then follow these simple steps.

Selection of Area

Firstly you should be careful enough in selecting a suitable area for your rooftop garden. You should select that area of your roof that receives the most sunlight as your rooftop garden will require sunlight. It is also important to consider that the selected rooftop is not slanted and it can support a garden. You can also add additional supports if you are not sure about the strength of your roof.

Arranging Gardening Tools

Now after selecting a suitable area for your rooftop garden, the next step is to collect and arrange all the necessary gardening tools like gloves, bucket, water container, rain barrel, brooms, shears etc.

Plastic Sheeting

Now lay down the plastic sheeting on the roof where you will put the garden containers having flowers and vegetables plants.

Collecting Containers

You must also select and collect garden containers and boxes for growing the plants. For this purpose, you can select terra cotta pots or a small child’s wading pool can also serve the purpose.

Filling the Containers with Soil

After placing the containers and pots on plastic sheeting, the containers should now be filled with soil. Now plant the seeds of flowers and vegetables which you want to grow in your rooftop garden. Planting the seeds would be done in the same way as planting the seeds in ground. Water them regularly for their best growth.

Mulching the Containers

Next you will have to compost the top of containers and pots with organic mulch like leaves or tree barks. Adding a 2 or 3 inch layer of mulch would be sufficient for the soil to preserve enough moisture.

Watering the Garden

Watering the garden is necessary for its healthy growth. As this would be a container garden so it will require water on frequent basis. It is recommended to water the rooftop garden everyday except it rains.


Plants need fertilizer to get essential nutrients and minerals. So regularly provide them with proper fertilizers. But keep in mind that excessive fertilizing can rot the plants so you should be aware of the fertilizing methods and know that what quantity of fertilizer should be provided to the plants.

Decorating the Garden

To make your rooftop garden look prettier and elegant, you can add different decorative elements in your garden like a sculpture or some light furniture.

I hope that you will find the above steps quite easy and helpful in creating and maintaining your rooftop garden.



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