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Taking Care of Tulips

Posted on: January 24, 2011

Tulips are among the most elegant-looking flowers you can ever have in your garden. These are the first flowers that blossom in spring so; good care should be taken of tulip.  Taking care of tulips is not a difficult task but even then they require care so that they can come back each year giving your garden a colorful and attractive look.

Some Important Tips

Here are some important tips regarding taking care of tulips:


Tulips are among one of the flowers that like plenty of water. Although they get enough water naturally by spring rains but if you live in some area that is warm and where rainfall rate is less, then keep in mind to give them sufficient amount of water.

Protection from Animals

It is quite important to protect your tulips from rabbits, squirrels and other small animals as they like to chew and eat fresh plants. The best way to protect your tulips from animals is to use a spray that is animal repellent. Another tip which you can follow is to make a barrier around your beautiful and attractive tulips flowers. You can even use net to protect the bulbs you have recently planted.


The best time to fertilize your tulips is early spring. The method of fertilizing is so simple. All you have to do is loosen the soil around the plant and drop fertilizer around it. Always keep in mind that fertilizing once in a spring is enough for tulips so don’t try to fertilize them frequently as it may prove harmful.

Transplanting the Tulips

In case you have to transplant tulips, make sure that you are keeping them in the same state as they are in. The most important thing that needs special consideration is keeping the soil unbroken while removing the plant from the pot. Your plant would die if the soil is separated from the bulbs.

Cutting and Trimming Time

The best time for cutting the flowers stems is when the blooms start to droop. While cutting the flowers stems, make sure that foliage remains in place. It is necessary if you want the plants continue to nourish the bulb in warm season. You can trim the tulip leaves level with the earth at the end of season.

These were some important tips that will help you to take good care of your beautiful and attractive tulips giving your garden an attractive look.



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