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Facts about Virginia Bluebell Flowers

Posted on: January 20, 2011

Virginia bluebell flowers which are also known as Virginia cowslip are the most elegant and good looking flowers. These are persistent flowers found in North America. These are very beautiful flowers and growing them in your garden will add natural exquisiteness and beauty to the garden. If you want to grow them in your garden but you don’t get sufficient information then read this article as it contains all the facts about Virginia bluebell flowers.


The bluebell flowers cannot only be grown in any kind of garden but also along your garage or side of your house to add more delicacy. These pretty flowers have pink color when they start growing in the form of buds and after that they bloom into blue-purple color.

Blooming Season

These flowers start blooming in early spring and fade away soon by mid summer i.e. in the month of June.

Growing Season

The Virginia bluebells bloom very well regardless of whether they are grown through seeds or divisions but seeds are proved to be much better. The divisions can be planted in month of October but it is better to wait for spring season to plant seeds and divisions. The months of March and April are best for growing bluebells. It will provide you the opportunity to see blooms in May.

Where to Grow?

Virginia bluebells has a height of 18 to 24 inch so they can be best grown on the corners of backyard. They can also be grown behind other plants because they will be visible even then. If you grow them in your flowers garden, they will add more beauty along with flowers of other colors like red, yellow and pink.

Watering Needs

Good growth of Virginia bluebell flowers requires a good growing ambiance and a great knowledge about them. Rain is not good for their growth. As far as artificial watering is concerned, you should have to be very careful. Over-watering is harmful for these flowers as they die soon when excess water is given to them. To overcome this problem, there is a simple method to check whether the flowers need water or not. The method is to put your finger in the soil to ensure that it is not wet from last time when you watered the plants.

Other Growth Requirements

There are some other factors which also need consideration such as:

  • They like sandy soil to grow.
  • Don’t disturb the plant once it is established. If it is not kept in mind, the flowers can loose one flowering season. The plants can even die then.
  • Don’t cut off any part of the plants after they have established.
  • When they are in bloom and established on a place, don’t make a mistake to transplant them.

I hope that this article would enable you to grow Virginia bluebell flowers in a better way.


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