Orchid Flowers

Orchid Flowers

Posted on: July 8, 2010

Orchid flowers belong to the Orchid family, Orchidaceae, which is the second largest flower family in the plant kingdom. The number of known and accepted species of Orchids ranges from 25,000 to 30,000. Orchid flowers are found in all parts of the world, except Antarctica.

Orchid flowers are considered as the most beautiful flowers on earth. They are highly in demand as the ornamental plants, and believed to be the symbol of love, comfort, splendor, and strength. Large variety of Orchids is available in the market as they come from an extremely large flower family. Orchids are also easy to look after however they do demand some attention.

Talking about owning the Orchids, wild Orchid could be the magnificent choice. It has a distinctive look and growth style. Wild Orchids have wide, wonderful and attractive range of species. It should be kept in mind that placing a wild Orchid at home (inside the house), and having an Orchid in the garden are two different things and there is an enormous difference between them. Orchid flowers need adequate humidity and air flow.

Besides house decoration, Orchid flowers are also used for stress relief and relaxation. They give plenty of enjoyment, pleasure and satisfaction. These flowers are intended to attract insects for reproduction means. Wide variety of Orchids is formed by attracting insects to transfer their pollen from one flower to the other. Some of the Orchid species attract the pollinators by producing flowers similar to female insects in color, appearance and scent. Male insects move from flower to flower in search of a mate. Thus, pollens are easily transferred to other Orchid flowers through these male insects.

Being the most popular flower around the world, Orchid flowers have a well renowned history. Many books and articles are written on the Orchid flowers and the Orchid family. Back in 700 B.C, Chinese and Japanese drawings and literature shows that it was believed that the Orchid flowers have the curing powers, and was used as an herbal remedy.

Orchid flowers are among the most beautiful, sensual, amazing, and costly decorative plants. These flowers can easily be bought from the flower shops. But they will not last long if exposed to sun, wind and cold. Orchid flowers need to be placed where there is lot of humidity and air flow. Taking care of these delicate and magnificent flowers can be a tricky task. One needs to know how to make Orchid flowers last as long as possible.

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